Saturday, October 17, 2009

CoolBoard going to Metro Ski Show, London

Hi All,

Just wanted to give you all the heads up... we're gonna be down at the Metro Ski and Snowboard show this week with the 'CoolBoard balance and fitness board' stand G63, on the balcony, starting 11.00am Wednesday 21st morning and not letting up til Sunday 25th.

Last time we were down Zack and the Dark Summer Crew kindly had us along, and we made some good friends with the FBBB (For Boarders By Boarders) crew headed up by Mikee and Chico, so it'll be good to catch up with those guys, and all the other spot on peeps we met down there.

          J.P. - Legend          Zack and the DS stand            Snow in the show!

This show will be mammoth... if you're in any way into you snowy fun get your behind down there... it's the easiest way to see all the shops and brands under one roof and grab yourself some deals.

We've been working our arses off to make sure we'll put on a hell of a show! We'll have one of our biggest ever stands so come on down and see us. We'll of course have wicked deals on CoolBoards so if you wanna get yourself (or a loved one?!) an early Christmas present, so come say hello!

                  Mikee pulls a front side grab - sweet...

and some FBBB graph - sick

We've even signed up to making idiots of ourselves on the fashion show stage where once a day we'll be putting on the show, and we'll be giving you the chance to 'come on down' and show us what your made of!

So there you go, probably the best snow based show, come and say hi!

Keep it steady,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

CoolBoard at White Air Show Extreme Sports Show

Thank you all White Air Visitors... Sam and I had an awesome weekend on the CoolBoard balance board stand with all of you down at the show - it rocked. See our pics and vids below...

Every morning started with a Red Arrows Display, the sun shone and everyone had a smile! We had an impromptu CoolBoard pop shove-it competition when 3 hot heads went for it, check out the video...

Along with all of you who bought a ticket, we also entertained most of the White Air staff (big thumbs up, you were all ace), Olly from Ollypop surf trainers, a few coppers (see pics) and our most notable rider to date - The Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Ann Norman. She loved CoolBoard and if she hadn't been dragged away by other duties she'd have gone away with her very own CoolBoard! Come on Ann, give us a call...

The Lovely and Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Ann Norman

We also met a family who bought one of the very first CoolBoards! From way back when they were waxed rather that the new hardwearing varnish, nice one guys, you were all ace and it was a pleasure – enjoy your new extras!!!

Ollypop Olly riding on CoolBoard

The friendly arm of the RAF were tempted away from their stands with the allure of CoolBoards, and we sent them away with a couple of CoolBoard balance boards for each of their wakeboarding centres and surf centre after they saw the training and fun potential! Nice one Kieri and Ben.

So thanks again to all, I think the White Air Show represented the end of the ‘summer’, and a good way to end it was!

Keep it steady,