Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chemmy Alcott takes massive fall and breaks leg

Chemmy Alcott, three-time Olympian British Ski racer and CoolBoard team rider has broken her leg in a horrific flying crash whilst training in Lake Louise, Canada for the World Cup. Whilst in the tricky Coaches Corner section of the World Cup downhill run she took a jump and never regained balance, at approx. 80 mph Chemmy lost her skis and poles and slid down the mountain side before coming to a stop.

Chemmy was then airlifted to hospital in Banff with an open fracture of the tibia and a compound fracture of the fibula in her right leg. ‘The rescue services and paramedics in Canada are amazing’ says Chemmy.
Although Chemmy’s season may be over she is ‘trying not to make any rash decisions about my future, but I really want to get back to skiing, I love skiing’ she explains.

All at CoolBoard wish Chemmy a strong and speedy recovery.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ski and Snowboard Show 2010

Wow! What an amazing show this year! The CoolBoard team was at the ski and snowboard show from start to finish. Thanks to everyone who came and saw the stand and had a go on a CoolBoard. It was great to chat with you guys and get some CoolBoard info out there. 

Highlights of the show included the big air competition, in which free skiers and snowboarders showed us some skills coming off a 45 degree slope in the middle of Olympia! We also couldn't resist to huskies who were good enough to let us take a photo with them, and the fashion show was also very entertaining with the models break dancing down the cat walk in the latest ski gear! 

Show News 

We are very excited about Jenny Jones becoming a CoolBoard team rider. We met Jenny at the show and she had a go on CoolBoard, straight away she could see the benefits it would give her in her snowboard training and it went from there! Really pleased to have Jenny on the team. 

We also met up with Skiers Ed Drake and Chemmy Alcott and were really pleased to hear CoolBoard had helped in their training running up to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver earlier this year. Videos will be coming soon of Ed and Chemmy. 

Nic giving a demo
Fashion Show with the latest snow gear
Big Air Comp! Fancy Dress
Such soft fur! 
Jenny Jones trying out a CoolBoard for the first time! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Metro Ski and Snowboard Show!

Come and join us for 5 action packed days of all things snow! The Coolboard team will once again be at the Metro Snow Show to let you try out our kit, chat with you and have a good time! We will be at stand 880 (near the Landrover feature entrance).

Every year the Metro has put on a great show with big air competitions, over 200 exhibitors, great food and drink and some amazing bargains!

So don't miss out, come and see us this week for loads of snow fun, have a go on a Coolboard, find out everything you need to know about us and grab yourself a deal! 

Heres the info:

When: Wednesday 20th - Sunday 24th

Where: The Grand Hall, Olympia, London

Website: Metro Ski and Snowboard Show 

See you there! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Try out the Coolboard Waikiki Lift!

Waikiki Lift 
Simply the best way to achieve athletic legs and buns of steel!

Start position: Place the CoolBoard on the floor with the ball underneath. Place your feet on the grips with your buttocks on the floor, approximately six inches away from the board. Push with your feet so that the board balances on the ball.

Exercise: Raise your buttocks from the floor as high as possible, hold and then slowly lower. Aim for three sets of twenty-five. To intensify the exercise, cross your arms over your chest.

Progression: Cross arms over chest. Gradually move feet together, and then raise one foot.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarp Surfing vs. Chain Surfing

Which sport will you crown Ultimate Urban Surfing? 

Two new crazes are sweeping the globe keeping surfers entertained away from the waves.  All the landlocked surfer’s out there will understand the craving for the buzz, and long for a trip to the coast just to get in the water, but for some a fix is needed closer to home. A small but growing number of urban wave riders have taken it to the next level……..

Tarp surfing 

A skateboard and a piece of blue tarpaulins is all you need to ride this barrel! So what’s it all about? Tarp surfing simply consists of riding a skateboard over a piece of tarpaulins whilst your mate pulls it across your head to form the shape of a wave…….. you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Watch the video here 

This new way of catching a wave in the street, in a car park or just about anywhere has taken off with videos from around the world uploaded to youtube, people forming ‘tarp crews’ and even apple using it in the new ipod ad.

Chain Surfing

No board is needed for this extreme urban sport. All you need is a chain…….

Watch the video here 

This chain surfer has got some skill and some balls! Chain surfing is an up and coming craze taking place is city’s and towns all over the world, from Brazil to California everyone’s at it! Although if I was in California I’d probably just go surfing……….

So does the rolling waves of tarp surfing get your vote or the erratic movement of chain surfing win you over. 

Vote for your winner on our facebook page

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CoolBoard shows coming up...

Hello, this is a quick note to let you know about the shows we've got coming up. I'm afraid we're giving you short notice... but to make up for it we're offering you discounted tickets! And as always, we'll be showing off CoolBoard so come and have a go and grab a bargain!

British Leisure Show, Winsor Race course, this weekend March 19 - 21, stand MQ009 in the marquee

This promises to be a stonking show of all things outdoorsy and fun. With £3.6m worth of supercars, more motorbikes, motor homes, power and other boats, extreme sports,demonstrations and activities - this is not a show to miss. And it looks like the weather will be lovely, fingers crossed!

Due to the massive love between us and the show, we can offer you tickets at half price! To get your deal, either use the link below, or call 01753 743915, and quote the code 'coolboard' (all lower case) after 10 o'clock March 18.

Check out their website for more info and tickets

The Outdoors Show, Birmingham nec, next weekend March 26 - 28, stand AS762

This excellent show is back again, even bigger than before, and now hosting a national Triathlon! Come to try many activities, see your favourite explorers, and get some bargains! We've been here before and the whole team wish they could have had more time to enjoy the show!

Again, due to the massive love between us and the show, we can offer you tickets at £11 rather than the standard £18! To get your deal use the link below and enter the code 'EXB1' at the start of the booking process.

Check out their website for more info and tickets.

Myself (Nic), Sam - CoolBoard lover and part time hobbit, and Dr Paul Moody - international super star DJ and CoolBoard pro, would just like to say... it would be ace to see you all! Come on down to our stand for a chat and a go. We'll have great show discounts on all of our CoolBoard products

As all ways - keep it steady guys,

Nic, Sam and the Doctor x