Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarp Surfing vs. Chain Surfing

Which sport will you crown Ultimate Urban Surfing? 

Two new crazes are sweeping the globe keeping surfers entertained away from the waves.  All the landlocked surfer’s out there will understand the craving for the buzz, and long for a trip to the coast just to get in the water, but for some a fix is needed closer to home. A small but growing number of urban wave riders have taken it to the next level……..

Tarp surfing 

A skateboard and a piece of blue tarpaulins is all you need to ride this barrel! So what’s it all about? Tarp surfing simply consists of riding a skateboard over a piece of tarpaulins whilst your mate pulls it across your head to form the shape of a wave…….. you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Watch the video here 

This new way of catching a wave in the street, in a car park or just about anywhere has taken off with videos from around the world uploaded to youtube, people forming ‘tarp crews’ and even apple using it in the new ipod ad.

Chain Surfing

No board is needed for this extreme urban sport. All you need is a chain…….

Watch the video here 

This chain surfer has got some skill and some balls! Chain surfing is an up and coming craze taking place is city’s and towns all over the world, from Brazil to California everyone’s at it! Although if I was in California I’d probably just go surfing……….

So does the rolling waves of tarp surfing get your vote or the erratic movement of chain surfing win you over. 

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